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Lesson 3- Building a Container

Traditional Container Design

Some people recommend glass tanks for breeding cockroaches, which is a big mistake over the long term (despite being frequently recommended). Despite being easy to clean and they contain small animals, they are incredibly bad insulators losing around 70% of the heat you have paid good money to add. The success of a cockroach colony will require you to maintaining high and consistent temperatures.

Below are some common methods to construct a container:

  • Cut holes into both ends of a container and lid. Attach screening with duct tape, glue gun or rivets.
  • Use aluminum screening to prevent cockroaches or other insects from eating through.
  • Make an aluminum screen frame (with screening) and place this over the top of a container such as a plastic containers or tubs.
  • Choose a container which has sufficient height to stack cardboard cartons and at least 10cm extra to apply a barrier cream.

Efficient Container Design

We have learnt a lot over the years how to maximize growth rates. For instance the right orientation of your cartons and ventilation ports, significantly improve ventilation and remove deadly odors in summer. The right lid system is essential to prevent the entry of pests such as micro flies and ants. Below are efficient methods covered by our books:

  •  Learn the 5 essential design considerations for an efficient container which are durable, maximizes growth rates, and saves time in maintenance and feeding activities.
  • Learn how to correctly orientate components so they improve air flow and ventilation and remove toxic odors.
  • How to build feeding ports which allows for quick feeding.
  • Lean how to get the right sizing and location of ventilation holes to reduce heat loss whilst maximizing ventilation.
  • Detailed instructions and photos showing how to build a container step by step. We are in the process of developing a webinar series which will show you how to build all components.

If you want to fast track building an efficient cockroach container, you can purchase our unique manual from http://wildlifehub.com/feeder insects.Tomorrow we will look at how to auto mate and streamline the feeding and watering process. We will be in touch soon.


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