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Welcome to your learning and training center an all things wildlife. We provide training, videos and resources to show you “visually” how to feed and care for your animal….no matter what your critter!!

After more than a decade of commercial production and experimentation, we have developed revolutionary and unique insect breeding methods that have slashed, maintenance, eliminated offensive odor and greatly increased production. The result is smarter low maintenance, consistent and productive breeding methods for both private and commercial applications.

For instance…. do you know why crickets used to be the hardest species to keep with 98% of people giving up after a few months….yet they are prolific and easy breeders? The reason is simple….breeding crickets is easy, the hard bit is continuing with a laborious maintenance schedule (daily spraying, moving crickets between containers, cleaning, feeding etc.). To complete the failure cycle, most colonies then collapse from disease and pests due to lack of maintenance…  Now they are one of the easiest feeder insect species to keep with automated feeding and water stations; a detritus collection system that does the maintenance for you; along with a number of other innovations…

The reality is that crickets can now be bred with less time than standing in line at your pet store…and with the same effort and consistency as cockroaches and mealworms. Well with less effort actually, as we have greatly reduce the maintenance and effort of keeping these species also!! This is a significant development for wildlife enthusiasts who can now breed all three species with ease. You may be surprised to learn that the average 2 child family can produce enough waste scrap vegies, to make $1400 in feeder insects each year. Why not turn an expense into income?.  The savings can be substantial when you consider the average bearded dragon can live for decades.

If you would like to learn methods which will save you time, money and effort, then check out our free insect breeding training courses.

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The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual - Review

I was very glad to say good bye to the old methods which you have to continually spray every day. These new methods really make cricket breeding so much easier. The books 9 chapters cover every aspect of cricket breeding you can think about, and the hundreds of photos really make the process really easy to understand and build. I have since added additional containers which has really cut down the amount of feed I buy for my 100 geckoes, monitors and dragons. This book is not a literature review of existing methods, it really is a complete overhaul. The author is really approachable, and I have no problems contacting him when I have a question. If you want to save money, this book is a must for every reptile owner.

Justin Hodges
Founder/author of the herphouse facebook page

The Complete Cockroach Breeding Manual- Review

I achieved my goal of breeding more cockroaches with less effort and smells. The book has a number of methods which makes managing and breeding cockroaches easier. I started with just a few containers, but plan to expand to 16 or more containers now the cleaning and feeding is streamlined. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who want to streamline how they breed cockroaches.

Justin Hodges
Founder/author of the herphouse facebook page