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Please note Plants and Delivery must be purchased separately from the shop- see General Notes Below

A biosphere will bring in nature to your home and create a relaxed and inviting environment.  Choose either a Small (28cm diameter bowl, 10L), Medium (34cm, 20L) and Large (45cm, 40L) Biosphere to suite any bench, desk or room. We provide Videos and written instructions to help you with; Set up ; Care and Maintenance; Fish selection and care.

Below is what is included with all Biospheres :

  • Glass bowl
  • Pump
  • Three Rock Potts for plants.
  • Aquaponic media-Expanded clay balls for potts and tray
  • Gravel in bowl
  • Pipe cave for fish or crayfish
  • Filtration pads
  • All biospheres come with De-Chlorinator conditioner and bacterial cultures so you can establish fish straight away.¬†This saves you 6 weeks establishing bacterial colonies.

General Notes:

  • Plants are not included in the Biosphere price, however a “Rain-forest Plant Pack” can be purchased separately from the shopping cart. We have selected rain-forest natives that are well suited to growing inside in the biospheres.
  • Australian wide delivery is available but must be purchased from the shopping cart separately.
  • The rock cave in photos of the bowl above is not included (can be purchased from pet stores), however we provide a pipe crayfish home.
  • Fish and Crayfish are not provided however they can be obtained from a pet store.
  • Java Moss Balls can be purchased separately in the shopping cart. We recommend you purchase a moss ball as they grow continuously removing fish waste and help feed fish.
  • Led lights which are placed in the bowl and controlled using a remote can be purchased separately from the shop. They are great at turning your Biosphere into a night lantern…going to sleep with the silhouette of fish, ferns and rippling water is very relaxing.

Our Guarantee

If you have any questions or queries about Biospheres please do not hesitate to contact me at any time (Glenn, 0417729509,

We have a 100% Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.