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This 9 Lesson training guide has lots of useful information and covers; how to build a cricket or cockroach breeding system, biology, container design, feeding, gut loading, heating, pest management and lots more…




Why Our Definitive Guide Series Sets a new Benchmark for Breeding  Feeder Insects…

Cricket Breeding ebookCockroach Breeding ebook

The Most Comprehensive Guides...

The cricket breeding guide contains more than 165 pages (paperback version) that cover’s every aspect of private and commercial cricket breeding in detail. The cockroach breeding manual contains more than 100 pages (paperback). That’s more than twice the size of any other guide on the market.

We have overhauled every aspect of cricket and cockroach production including…


  • container design
  • breeding
  • food and water requirements
  • making food and water dispensers
  • heating/storage
  • maintenance/pest management, cleaning
  • grading/selling
  • lots and lots more


What Our Systems Can do For You !!!

How would you like automated cricket and cockroach breeding systems that;

  • Needs no active management;
  • Collects waste for you;
  • Food/ water dispensers  which attends to your insects for 14 days or more;
  • Requires only 5 minutes maintenance every 10-14 days (less time than standing in line at the pet store)
  • Systems so productive that the average family will be able to feed 4-12 bearded dragons (depending of feeding rate) just from their scrap vegetables;
  • That’s over $1400/year cash you are currently throwing away!!.

How Do Our Systems Work?…

  • Crickets- How do we do this?…Well in a nut shell, we have created two separate zones within a single container (conventional techniques require up to 6 separate containers);  one high humidity area ideal for breeding;   and a lower humidity area which is required for housing and food/water. We have also developed a unique detritus collection system  which collects the waste and prevents contamination of breeding substrate and food areas.
  • This makes cleaning a breeze, eliminates odours and disease, increases egg viability and significantly increases cricket production. We have water and food dispersers which do the feeds for you, even when your on holidays! Unlike conventional techniques which need to be actively managed (daily spraying, and moving pinheads to new containers) our systems run themselves ?.
  • You can see why we are pretty proud of what we have achieved. You really can produce more insects with much less effort. Its time to work smarter, not harder! Introducing the most  advanced, low maintenance and productive cricket and cockroach breeding systems in the world.

Commercial Experience…Turn an Expense Into Income!!

cageWe have bred crickets and cockroaches commercially for 10 years to wildlife parks, zoos, pet stores, wildlife rescue clubs, large scale reptile keepers and the general public…. and we are happy to pass on our commercial tips to you.

This is the only guide that has sufficient detail and experience to be used for private and commercial cricket/cockroach production.

With a little extra effort, you can add extra containers and sell excess stock to the public. Many wildlife and reptile enthusiasts are always looking for a cheap and fresh supply of food for their animals.

This is a great way to turn an expense into an income. Why not use unused space in your house or shed to produce a regular income?.

Why Conventional Methods Have Failed!!

crickets3Have you ever wondered why 98% of people succeed to breed crickets for the first couple of months, then nearly all of them have given up after just a few months using conventional techniques.??

The answer is simple….breeding crickets is easy, the hard bit is continuing with a laborious maintenance schedule (daily spraying, moving crickets between containers, cleaning, feeding etc.).

To complete the failure cycle, most colonies then collapse from disease and pests due to lack of maintenance…aaaahhh!!

Our methods are the only technique on the market which offers an alternative to clumsy techniques that have a proven record of failure.

This is why most people breed cockroaches as they are more robust and have lower maintenance….but even critters can be hard to manage, smelly and work if you don’t do it correctly.



What Our Guides will Equip you with…

homeOur cricket and cockroach breeding manuals covers both basic and advanced techniques suitable for both private and commercial production (2 different breeding systems for crickets). No mater your experience level, we have it covered.

Unlike others on the market, our guide is not a  literature review of internet blogs, it pioneers new  and innovative techniques found nowhere else.  This means that for the first time ever crickets can now be bred with the same effort and consistency as cockroaches. Well with less effort actually, as we have halved maintenance and effort of keeping cockroaches also!!. This is a significant development for wildlife enthusiasts who can now breed both species with ease.

Best of all most materials can be purchased from you supermarket and hardware store, in just a few minutes. And you get a discount when you purchase two books at the same time (Insect manual combo deal).

The Easiest Guide to Use…More Photos and Diagrams

cockroach4massive 240 photos, diagrams and tables (for crickets, 145 for cockroaches) in conjunction with “Step by Step”  instructions showing you how to do everything clearly, and in an easy to understand format.

Our video training series shows you everything visually at a click of a button.

Combine this with complementary email and Skype video support you simply can’t go wrong.

See what People are Saying about our Guides!!!


“The breakthrough wildlife enthusiasts have been waiting for. The crickets just keep coming!!"

“This book is amazing, there is so much information. Finally, a cricket breeding guide that offers something different to “placing toilet rolls and a bowl of vegies into a fish tank”.

“I wish I had discovered this book years ago. I can’t believe how little time in now takes me to clean my woodies colony now”.

No matter your skill level, our commercial techniques will improve your efficiency and move you well past the ”place a bowl of vegetables and toilet roles in a fish tank” stage. For a small one off investment (probably 2-3 weeks of live food costs) you will be armed with numerous techniques that will fast track successful cricket and cockroach breeding. This will save you thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours in wasteful and painful experimentation.